I see your true colours shining through….

Today was one of those darling days when everything feels lovely. I spent the morning with a dear friend chatting & vigorously agreeing with each other. It’s an incredibly satisfying way to start the day. The afternoon was given over to bread baking, which filled my house with the most wonderful smell. By early evening I had applied some make up (including some wicked cat eye transfers) and set off to meet my sister in town. We were attending another pop up event at Hummingbird, Glasgow. It turned out her friend, Roz was accompanying her. I’ve heard so much about her; it was a pleasure to finally meet.

I’ve been to an event at Hummingbird before & I really love this venue. It’s a bar/club set out over three floors with lots of little individual rooms. It’s decorated with beautifully intricate wallpaper & sumptuous design features such as bottle green velvet walls. The pop up was comprised of both clothes & jewellery brands with a few tote bags thrown in for good measure. There were many gorgeous things to look at plus I got to meet a few bloggers that I really admire.

I was really taken with some of the pieces by angel pixie love. They have t shirts with adorable slogans such as, I love your face. I fell in love with a pair of amazing peacock print leggings. Unfortunately they only had small sizes available, but they did assure me they were looking into stocking a wider range. So, fingers crossed. In the mean time I picked up this card, I have the perfect recipient in mind.


As I was feeling so chirpy I adorned myself with an array of vivid colours. I’ve always been partial to this limey green shade and have actually had this mini for quite a while, however I am reliably informed that it is big news this season. I paired the skirt with this clashing colour block top. It’s sheer, which is pretty daring for me. It also features pink, I am not a pink kind of girl, but this tone was intense enough to sway me. My cardi carries on the lime green, with its spots & stripes it is one my favourites. I slapped on my trusty Primark support leggings as the smooth tummy they provide gives me a nice wee confidence boost. I finished the whole look off with yet another colour in the form of these purple trainers. I’m aware all of these colours don’t necessarily go together. I’m probably breaking about a million fashion rules, but following the rules has never been my thing.



Coat – Dorothy Perkins


Cardigan – Per Una ( M&S )

Top – Monsoon

Skirt – H&M


Leggings – Primark

Trainers – Primark


My amazing little sister blogs at Living in a boxx


True Colours Cyndi Lauper

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