My crush with eyeliner…..

Eyeliner has become somewhat of a staple for me, as I’m sure I must have mentioned. Unfortunately for me despite my best efforts I rarely manage a presentable cat eye or flick. So, when I saw these bad boys, I instantly snapped them up. The pack contains some hearts & stars that I’d never use, but also some classic eyeliner transfers.


They had their first outing the other day & I’m pretty pleased with them. I opted for a simple black flick, which I’m sure could be glammed up with some clever eyeshadow application. I think I need a to be a tiny bit more precise with placement. Hopefully practise will make perfect.



Next time I will whip out a more eye catching ( see what I did?) set & be sure to let you know the results.

4 thoughts on “My crush with eyeliner…..

  1. so wait, what exactly are they? stickers? i suck so bad at eye liner and eye shadow, these sound like great helpers!


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