The sex is in the heel….

I was rearranging some shoes earlier & inspiration struck. Since I am still looking rough, I could do a little shoe post. I have rather a lot of shoes, so I might make this a regular thing. We shall see.
I have a definite weakness for striking heels. I actually don’t really wear them that often these days, but that doesn’t stop me buying them. It’s always nice to have the perfect shoe lurking in your wardrobe for any special event. I have a particular love for weird shoes. Anything outrageous is bound to catch my eye. Hence, my favoured show brand has got to be irregular choice. They’ve become more popular recently, but I have been buying them for a long time & remain a faithful customer.


I bought these beauties about 7 yrs ago. I still adore them. They have a smaller heel than I would usually go for, but they shape of the heel prevents them from looking frumpy (which incidentally is what my mum calls me). They also came in very handy when I was dating a man on the short side. I basically find everything about these shoes fabulous. The colours, the print & especially the quirky toes are immensely pleasing. Sadly, Irregular Choice seems to have to ceased making designs with this toe. I’m so pleased I snapped these up when they were available. With the small heel they’re super comfortable & easy to wear whilst still just high enough to give me a nice wee wiggle.


Irregular choice


I had completely forgotten I had these gorgeous shoes. I believe I have only worn them once, but now that I have rediscovered them, I can’t wait to break them out. These heels are higher & sexier, though not quite as unique. Purple & gold are a somewhat regal combination. These shoes definitely make a statement.

20140421-195602.jpg                 20140421-195609.jpg


Lastly, I said this was going to be a shoe post, but during my rearranging I also stumbled upon this forgotten gem. I think its intended purpose might have been a lunch box, but I’ve pressganged into use a handbag. You really can’t go wrong with a beatley accessory.





The sex is in the heel Cyndi Lauper