The bedtime tag…

I’ve read a few other blogger’s posts on this & as bed is one of my happy places I wanted to join in.

What are your favourite pajamas?

Soft & warm jim jams do it for me. I am severely aneamic, which makes me freezing most of the time. I have sexy chemises, but I’m more frequently found in M&S thermals & fluffy socks. 

Current bedtime reading?

In one person by John Irving. Another excellent book by one of my favourite writers. 

What is on your bedside table?

My bedside table is actually two large stacks of books. I can’t sleep without reading, so I always have a pile of books waiting to be read. On top of my books lives an anti ageing face cream, germolene, pain killers, pain relief gel, my glasses & peptac. 

Favourite sleepy scent?

Various violet scented products. My bedroom usually smells of violets. 

What is your usual bedtime & wake up routine?

I have a lot of trouble sleeping, so it varies. I am definitely a night owl, so I won’t be in bed before midnight. 

Top 3 bedtime products?

A rather strong prescription sleeping pill.

A rather strong prescription pain killer.

Lacuna expert regeneration night cream. 

Your most common sleeping position?

On my side with one hand under my pillow.

Any strange bedtime routines?

I don’t think do. Brush my teeth, wash my face etc

Are you the big spoon or little spoon?

Little spoon, but as I mostly share my bed with this little man, I don’t often get the chance.

I shall tag my wee sister to share her bedtime secrets. 

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  1. Love this fun post! I haven’t heard of The Bedtime Tag but it was interesting reading about your nighttime routine for settling down for the night!


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