You’re the one for me fatty…

I know this is a terrible mirror selfie, but I loved this outfit so much that I decided to go with it. Until recently I would have been scared to wear something like this. I used to feel very self-conscious in anything this form fitting. At the end of last year I took a trip to Australia to see my beautiful niece & experienced a revelation. The heat out there made it impossible for me to stick to my usual rules. So, I wore tighter, shorter, sleeveless clothes and guess what? I liked what I saw in the mirror. I felt great and I vowed not to go back to hiding when I get home.
If you’re on the larger side and think you have to stick with loose clothes or loads of layers, I’m here to tell you different. Embrace your curves. Branch out, try new shapes. Don’t be afraid to show your arms or legs. You are hot. Enjoy your body and your clothes.

Anyway, I love wearing bold colours. The clashing primary colours of this outfit make me very happy. I’m also partial to wide neck line of this top, it seems to work with my broad shoulders. I often feel bulky in that area, but this shape makes me feel a teeny bit more dainty.

Top – H&M

Skirt – Primark

You’re the one for me fatty Morrissey

For the sake of auld lang syne…

I’ve never written about fashion (or fatshion if you prefer) before, but I have been writing for a very long time. I certainly have no problem expressing myself through my clothes, so with a little bit of luck I should be able to find my style voice too.
I’m kicking off with the outfit I wore on New Year’s Eve, mainly because I felt bloody good that night. Tartan seemed appropriate for Hogmanay with the faux (veggie safe) leather adding a smidgeon of sex appeal. I wore it with some sneaky support leggings, which look like thick tights, but do a marvellous job of smoothing your contours. The bonus with this dress & leggings are they are seriously comfortable meaning staying out all night was easy peasy.





Dress – Primark

Shoes– Irregular Choice

Vest – ASOS

Leggings – Primark