I wear it like a tattoo….

Body modifications have always appealed to me. I have only gone so far as piercings & tattoos, but more extreme mods still interest me. I’ve experimented quite a bit with piercings from traditional ears to belly button to finger piercings. I’ve had a fair few rejected piercings, but seem to have finally got the found exactly which types my body will accept. I consider my body art to be a big part of my style. I think they perfectly compliment my quirky tastes.

At the moment I have 13 different piercings & I thought I’d give you a look at the more interesting one. I shall start with my scaffold. I’ve had this one for around 3yrs & I love it now. However, it is definitely not the easiest of my piercings. It is a little painful as its two holes through cartilage, but the main issue is healing time. Mine took a long time, well over a year, to be completely healed. If you’re looking for low maintenance perhaps not the thing for you. It does look pretty striking though.

Next up, my boob piercing. I tend to be drawn to anything that’s a tad unusual. I don’t want to look just like everyone else, which is probably part of why I indulge in body mods in the first place. This is my favourite piercing. Mainly because I’ve never seen anyone else with one & I am told it’s pretty damn sexy. This is a micro dermal, so it’s semi-permanent. My body is unlikely to tolerate it forever, but they can last for several years. I wear a diamanté and I adore the tiny sparkle when wearing low cut outfits. It adds to funky twist to a little black dress.



I have another couple of micro dermals sitting just below my collar bone. I had the first done in Brisbane & it was so cute that I decided to have another when I got home. These beauties have kick started the piercing bug again. I expect I will end up with them dotted all over my body. I wear plain silver jewellery in these as I think the simple look is more effective.



Tattoos are very personal for me. All of my body art means something very particular. As a writer & an avid reader I have always found the written word to be the easiest & best way to express my feelings, therefore my tats are all text. I have another planned & it too will be words in the form of poetry. So far I have five tattoos. I am incredibly happy with all of them.

My first foray into ink was many years ago. I started with the word imagine on my right foot. I am always being told that foot tattoos are really painful, but that hasn’t been my experience. I didn’t find the foot to be significantly more painful than any other part of my body. I started small & classic, which I think was a wise decision. I am obviously a huge Lennon fan, but also fascinated with the power of imagination. I enjoy carrying a little bit of my hero around with me every day. More importantly I have a whisper of my ideals stamped on my body.


Having dipped my toe into the tattoo world I quickly wanted to immerse myself. I suppose I decided to continue from my feet up, as my next tat was on my left foot. This one was more cathartic as it marks the loss of my baby. I wanted to commemorate my boy without being morbid. I opted for roman numerals of what would have been his date of birth. In the aftermath of my miscarriage I struggled with having very few concrete reminders of my baby. This tattoo helped with the healing process & allowed me to have him visibly with me, always. The art work of this tattoo is again simple, but I find it beautiful.

My next tattoo marks the life of an extraordinary woman. Jo was a very dear friend who tragically took her life. She fought hard against cruel circumstances. No matter how much pain she endured she always brought kindness & warmth to those around her. She saved me & many others; it is an enormous tragedy that we couldn’t do the same for her. Jo was a beautiful person. As a proud New Zealander she would routinely sign off notes & emails with the Maori greeting, arohanui. It means ‘big love’, something she always endeavoured to spread. I wanted a tribute to this remarkable friend & arohanui seemed right. I actually chose characters from a few complimentary fonts & put them together in the hope of making my tattoo unique. Aesthetically I think it works. As an act of love I feel it succeeds too.



I am keen on an element of balance, so I placed my fourth tattoo on my opposite arm. This piece is inspired by favourite poetry & prose. The fact that this line appeared in two favourite works is a lovely coincidence. It makes the quote doubly dear to me. I studied the cycle of poetry, die schone mullerin by Wilhelm Müller at university and was struck by the beauty of the words. Shortly after my first exposure I discovered ‘the travelling hornplayer’ by Barbara Trapido and revelled in the way she referenced the poetry. This line stood out as it reflected the tone of my own life at that time. It accurately expressed things I had been scrambling to put to into words. The melancholy, romance & hope infused in the words sung to me. I knew I wanted to mark my body with it. To add a piece of me to the design I had the tattoo in my own hand writing. Again hoping that this ensured no one would ever have an identical piece.


the stars are too high


My most recent body art is taken from the bible. An odd choice for a person who rejects organised religion. It’s taken from Isiah, but has no religious connotations for me. My gran was a practising catholic & this quote hung on a plaque by her front door. It’s something I vividly remember from my childhood. These simple words embody so much of what my gran meant to me. They say love, safety & acceptance. They also encapsulate the lasting influence our relationship has had on me.



I will never forget you

I have carved you on the palm of my hand.


Sade Like a tattoo




In the year of the cat…

Another Thursday brought another night out with my wee sis. This week we were headed to see The grand Budapest hotel, but had some time to spare. So, we had a little impromptu photo shoot by the river Clyde. It was a lot colder than either of us had expected, hence the ‘modelling’ was brief. Luckily my sister managed to get a couple of pictures I was reasonably happy with.

I very rarely like myself in photographs. I don’t enjoy having them taken & for many years avoided being in any snaps. It’s a shame really as there are a lot of special occasions that I have no record of. In particular I regret not having more pictures taken with my niece. I am trying to rectify that now, by photographing almost every minute I manage to spend with her. I think my reluctance to be captured on camera is one of my the few remaining body image hang ups. This blog is helping me address that as I am forced both pose for & share pictures of me. None of which I am ever completely happy with. My personal body positive revolution continues…

Instead of my usual, slightly haphazard wear whatever takes my fancy approach, I actually planned this outfit. I decided on a little bit of a feline theme. I don’t usually do cutesy. In fact adults in overly cute clothes are one of my pet hates. Disney princesses are for children, ladies. However, I did instantly fall in love with this beaded cat vest. I’ve never seen another one like it nor have I ever seen anyone else wearing it, which makes this a perfect piece for me.


Vest – Primark

Shoes – Primark

This skirt is one my amazing ASOS bargains. I snapped it up in the sale last summer for a fiver. I love the harlequin twist on monochrome. Plus it is an ideal length. As much as I love pencil skirts, they usually cut me off at the worst point on my legs. This skirt is just that little bit shorter, which works so much better for me. I know a bit part of the fat acceptance movement is the ‘fuck flattering ‘train of thought. I am all for this if you it makes you feel good, but for me, there is some styles that I just don’t like my body in.

Skirt – ASOS Curve

Cardigan – John Lewis

I added a little bit of colour with the waterfall cardigan & a little tummy help my trusty support leggings. I have about a million pairs of these & really wish they’d do them in a range of colours.

Oh & I continued my kitty theme with this bangle. Another atypical choice for me, but the heart wants what it wants.


Anna Lou London

Last, but not least, I tried out some more eye transfers. As promised I was much more adventurous. I think these could be really fabulous with some dramatic eye make up for a bight night out.


The film was awesome. You just can’t beat a Wes Anderson movie. My only minor complaint, I wanted way more Bill Murray. Go see it!

The year of the cat Al Stewart

My crush with eyeliner…..

Eyeliner has become somewhat of a staple for me, as I’m sure I must have mentioned. Unfortunately for me despite my best efforts I rarely manage a presentable cat eye or flick. So, when I saw these bad boys, I instantly snapped them up. The pack contains some hearts & stars that I’d never use, but also some classic eyeliner transfers.


They had their first outing the other day & I’m pretty pleased with them. I opted for a simple black flick, which I’m sure could be glammed up with some clever eyeshadow application. I think I need a to be a tiny bit more precise with placement. Hopefully practise will make perfect.



Next time I will whip out a more eye catching ( see what I did?) set & be sure to let you know the results.

I see your true colours shining through….

Today was one of those darling days when everything feels lovely. I spent the morning with a dear friend chatting & vigorously agreeing with each other. It’s an incredibly satisfying way to start the day. The afternoon was given over to bread baking, which filled my house with the most wonderful smell. By early evening I had applied some make up (including some wicked cat eye transfers) and set off to meet my sister in town. We were attending another pop up event at Hummingbird, Glasgow. It turned out her friend, Roz was accompanying her. I’ve heard so much about her; it was a pleasure to finally meet.

I’ve been to an event at Hummingbird before & I really love this venue. It’s a bar/club set out over three floors with lots of little individual rooms. It’s decorated with beautifully intricate wallpaper & sumptuous design features such as bottle green velvet walls. The pop up was comprised of both clothes & jewellery brands with a few tote bags thrown in for good measure. There were many gorgeous things to look at plus I got to meet a few bloggers that I really admire.

I was really taken with some of the pieces by angel pixie love. They have t shirts with adorable slogans such as, I love your face. I fell in love with a pair of amazing peacock print leggings. Unfortunately they only had small sizes available, but they did assure me they were looking into stocking a wider range. So, fingers crossed. In the mean time I picked up this card, I have the perfect recipient in mind.


As I was feeling so chirpy I adorned myself with an array of vivid colours. I’ve always been partial to this limey green shade and have actually had this mini for quite a while, however I am reliably informed that it is big news this season. I paired the skirt with this clashing colour block top. It’s sheer, which is pretty daring for me. It also features pink, I am not a pink kind of girl, but this tone was intense enough to sway me. My cardi carries on the lime green, with its spots & stripes it is one my favourites. I slapped on my trusty Primark support leggings as the smooth tummy they provide gives me a nice wee confidence boost. I finished the whole look off with yet another colour in the form of these purple trainers. I’m aware all of these colours don’t necessarily go together. I’m probably breaking about a million fashion rules, but following the rules has never been my thing.



Coat – Dorothy Perkins


Cardigan – Per Una ( M&S )

Top – Monsoon

Skirt – H&M


Leggings – Primark

Trainers – Primark


My amazing little sister blogs at Living in a boxx


True Colours Cyndi Lauper

Shiny happy people….

I thought since Australia was such a big influence on my new outlook that I’d do one more Brisbane outfit. I’ve had this maxi dress for a few years, but have never managed to get much wear out of it in Glasgow. It’s the sort of garment that requires sunshine, something we are sadly lacking in here. It was one of the first items in my suitcase & I was eager to wear it.


Dress –  Gift

Vest – H&M

Sunglasses – Topshop

Satchel – Target

I’ve always been a hippie chick meaning this multi coloured tie dyesque design is right up my street. It has some cute beaded details under the bust & on the straps, which I’m fond of. The halter neck is a gift for those if us who have been blessed in the breast department. It holds them firmly in place giving a great silhouette. The halter does also mean it is a tad too booby, but that’s easily solved by popping a vest underneath.

In short this dress is very bold & funky. Just like me.

Here are some shots from Brisbane. Happy memories.


I miss the view from my brother’s balcony.


A big daddy kangaroo chilling out at Lone Pine sanctuary.


Brisbane street art.


I stayed at a hotel right in the middle of the city for a few days & I used to eat sushi in this square. You can’t get a proper idea of it from this picture, but it was a gorgeous mix of old & new architecture.

And in a moment he’ll want to see your underwear….

I’ve always been into pretty lingerie. I think it started as a little girl, my Mum only ever wore beautiful underwear and when it came time for me to start wearing bras, she bought me gorgeous matching sets. I honestly believe I feel better knowing that under my clothes (be they funky or drab) I’m adorned with stunning undies.

Unfortunately delightful bras for big women are not always easy to come by. I am big busted & big in general, which makes locating the kind of bras I want tricky. The fact that I rarely buy bras without matching knickers is an added complication. I have found that most high street shops don’t do my size (40G/H) at all. The few mainstream places that do, for instance M&S, offer only a very small selection & some of those are usually granny bras. Even the more specialised places, such as Bravissimo don’t always accommodate my back size. This seems a fatal flaw to me as let’s face it, a lot of women with larger cup sizes are also substantial elsewhere too. This feedback was not well received by Bravissimo. They were keen to point out that they were not (god forbid) a plus size retailer . The stigma lives on.
Anyway, I thought I’d share some great brands that do cater to the plus size market. They all offer a wider range of styles & sizes. Which crucially are eye catching & alluring.

Goddess offers a great line in bold, comfortable, everyday bras. I don’t subscribe to white cotton daytime bra regime. I like colour & interest, goddess deliver on these points. Of course I also want to be well supported, another big tick. These bras also give me an awesome shape. I always feel confident wearing Goddess bras. I find these come up a little neat & order up a back size. They’re not cheap, but not super expensive either; at the £30 -£45 mark I consider them well worth the money. This is one of my favourites.


Sizes up to 46K
Another favourite of mine for day to day wear is Bestform. They are slightly more conservative, but still have flair.This bra has a houndstooth & polka dot pattern going on. My boobs do not budge in these bras & also sit very high. For a chick whose tits have lost the fight with gravity the allusion of perkiness is wonderful. Bestform are around the £30, which considering they last forever is very good value.

Sizes 32D – 42G

Panache is not a brand I ever thought I would buy as I consider many of their styles to be a bit dated & frumpy. However, I recently discovered their Superbra range & I love them. Great structure & aesthetics. I like this style so much I have bought it in a variety of colours. The great thing about these bras is they are not cut too high & they are sheer. I often despair at the limitations placed on what I can wear with bras due to how full the cup is. Whilst not quite balcony, these allow for low cut vest, dresses etc making them perfect for work or a big night out. The sheer fabric with embroidered design feels very sexy & adds a little oomph to my day or night. Priced £25 – £30.

Sizes from 28DD – 40GG

I’ll finish up with a recent discovery, Pour Moi. This company have some sizzling hot lingerie. They’ve developed a sophisticated take on sexy and I love it. I adore anything that will make me boobs look irresistible & these bras do just that. Beautifully made with interesting details I cannot recommend this brand enough. They also offer the very rare plus size balcony bra. Give yourself (or your partner) a treat and indulge in something from their range. At £16 – £30 they wont break the bank. I promise you won’t regret it.

Sizes from 30D – 40FF

Underwear Pulp



Here comes the sun…..

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think spring might finally have sprung. It was a crisp, fresh day in Glasgow, so I dug out some floral print & headed into town to do some shopping with my sister. I love this dress. The bands of floral pattern is unusual & the colours are so cheerful. It’s the kind of dress that makes me smile.

20140308-192838.jpg    20140308-192858.jpg

Jacket – Monsoon                                         Dress – ASOS Curve

Brogues – Primark
I paired it with this chunky belt to make the most of my plus size hour glass. i finished the look off with my beloved brogues. They are incredibly comfortable & also pretty damn cute.

20140308-192919.jpg                                20140308-192933.jpg

Belt – Primark                                                   Bag – Market
I was also sporting this peace necklace, my talented little sister made this & it is so me.


We had lovely wee day visiting a pop up shop in Prince’s sq. The designers didn’t have anything for fatties, but my sister got a stunning Rebecca Torres dress. I was super impressed with how friendly & helpful everyone was. It was a really nice shopping experience.

After puzzling over a levitating street performer we refuelled with some sushi & gab. A yummy end to a delightful day.

My sister blogs at livinginaboxx

Here comes the sun The Beatles

Operation Pretty

I’m not really a high maintenance kind of girl. Most days I don’t wear much if any make up, I don’t straighten my hair or use fake tan. For the most part I’m quite happy to go au naturel. That’s not say I don’t like to glam it up when an occasion calls for it. I also would never want to be without mascara as I can change my whole face with quick flick on the eyelashes. Sadly, I’ve found that the older I get the more products & time I need to achieve the desired effect. I call this process Operation Pretty. I actually have a few looks perfected & my current favourite night time look has a little sparkle.


I like to keep it fairly simple. So, I stick with good quality basics whilst picking up the accents from both designer & high street brands. If you’re going to invest in make-up, but the sky is not the limit price wise; I’d definitely advise putting your money into a really good primer, foundation & mascara. I find it’s much easier to pick up a good lipstick on a budget than a foundation.

I am now very big on eyeliner. I came to the joys of it late, but have been improving my technique over the last few years & am quite pleased with my efforts now. I like that I can apply this look for day & quickly amp it up to night just by adding the glitter & changing my lipstick. I know you’re supposed to focus on either eyes or lips, but I think I get away with a bold lip as the gold on the eyes isn’t solid colour.

This look always make me feel great & has been a hit with a certain someone.



Left to Right

The Pore Proffessional Benefit

High Beam Benefit

Glitter eyeliner (used allover eyelid) Mudd

Navy liquid eyeliner No7

Moisturiser Simple

Oil free foundation ( procelain ivory) Laura Mercier

Lip Pen Cherry Lips H&M ( night )

Forver Kisses Warm Nude Rimmel London ( day )

They’re Real Benefit

Bronzer Este Lauder

Gold eyeliner No7



I’m going where the sun keeps shining….

I put on a very cute outfit yesterday & planned to have my sister take some pictures whilst we were walking her dog. Unfortunately, Glasgow’s weather thought differently, it poured down the entire time we were out.
So, I thought I’d share an outfit I wore on my recent trip to Brisbane; where the weather can always be replied upon.
I loved the freedom I had in Australia. It was always going to be hot & I had only nice things to do. This meant I could have fun with my clothes. I went for a lot of bright, girly & floaty dresses. This is me enjoying the sun & the view on my brother’s deck. I can’t wait to get back there.


I love everything about this dress. It’s from forever 21, (who’s plus size range I would definitely recommended ). I’ve always been a big fan of the dip hem and have been very pleased to see it pop up again. The cut & fabric of this dress means it shows your shape without clinging too much. I always feel very sexy in it. Last, but not least it’s a perfect dreamy blue, just right for bright sunny days.

Everybody’s Talkin’ Harry Nilsson


I’m a bitch…

Part of my body positivity journey ( how cringey does that sound? ) has been reclaiming the word fat. Fat is not an insult. It’s merely a descriptor. I am fat. I am also fucking amazing. Once I realised that, fat lost all its power to hurt me. In recognition of this I created this little beauty.


It’s from a Primark range called style your own. The chain comes with the 26 letters of the alphabet & you make your own message. I had to buy two in order to get all the letters I needed, but at £2.99 that wasn’t really an issue.
Radical, funky & pretty much unique jewellery for under a tenner, result.

B.I.T.C.H Meredith Brooks