Mellow yellow…

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my lovely friend Hayley who was visiting Scotland for a few days. I wanted to look good,which led to some serious wardrobe scouring. Buried at the back I found this dress. It’s quite old, but I’ve always rated it. However it was a very tight squeeze the last time i tried to wear it, hence it’s languishing behind the coats. My recent shrinkage meant that it now fits rather well & so, i donned it.

Leopard print in this shade of green is a dream for me. I love the button details & the sheer fabric. In winter I tend to teem it with a black vest & leggings, but as you can see from the picture this still allows a nice silhoutte. I paired my feminine floaty dress with the tough dm type boots for practical reasons & also because i like the contrast. I added the yellow batwing cardi for a pop of colour.

I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but I do like a ring with a big stone. I have quite the collection of what I refer to as faux enagagement rings. This is one of my favourites. The stone is a gorgeous unusual amber. If someone offered me it whilst down on one knee, I’d probably day yes!
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Dress – H&M
Cardigan – Primark
Ring – Gift

Wishin’ and hopin’….

The festive season is almost upon us & my mind has been pondering the notion of having some fun. Along with the usual seasonal celebrations I also have some important birthdays in December including my fabulous best friend & my darling youngest sibling. My darling sister will be 30 this year & she’s having a big fabulous party. I am determined to go uber luxe for these occasions & with this in mind I have created a party wishlist. Some of these are serious contenders & others are just me dreaming.
I have had hankering for velvet for a while. I’ve always adored it, but it’s popularity has definitely waned in recent years. Wearing velevt never fails to make me feel sexy. It is so tactile & lush. This sleek navy dress screams old school glamour. I have a feeling the side gathering detail will be flattering as hell on my body. I can’t wait to try this on & hopefully strut my gorgeous stuff in it over christmas. I feel a dress this sumptious need some simple show stopping accessories, these Biba earrings certainly fit that bill. Sadly at £1750 they are likely to remain on my wish list.


Dress – Scarlett & Jo (at Evans)

Ring – M&S

Earrings – Biba

Clutch – River Island


Layers do it for me especially if one or more of them are sheer. This evans dress is genuis, sparkly gold, sheer, built in cover up. Three big ticks from me. Similarly this layered Elvi top is so simple, yet striking. Elvi is actually a new find for me, so far, i am impressed.
Irregular choice are pretty much the only shoes I want on my feet & this pair are perfect in every way. They are currently sold out, but i am hoping against hope that they come back. How can anything go wrong when you have unicorns on your feet?




Shoes – Irregular choice

Dress – Evans

Box Top – Elvi

Oil Slick Clutch – Asos


Faux fur seems like the obvious choice when playing the luxury bitch. Monsoon’s classic shape & colour make their take it on it a winner for me. I’ll definitely need to try before buying as coats are always a tricky fit with my boobs.
I am actually pinching myself over this Lovedrobe flapper style dress. I can’t believe it is so affordable & available in my size. A futher bonus is that this art deco type design is tailer made for a big event I have later in the year. I am snapping this one up immediatey & calling it fate.IMG_1060.JPG

Coat – Monsoon

Dress – Lovedrobe (at Evans)


These are my wild cards. They do not fit with my hollywood starlet theme, yet i can’t prevent myself coveting them. The shoes speak for themselves, what woman in her right mind would not want her feet adorned with these masterpieces? If anyone out there wants to have me at their beck and call those shoes are the key. The poodle clutch is so not me. I don’t go in much for cutesy or pastel. However my Mother happens to have to stunning standard poodles who would turn cruella deville into a dog person. Coco & D’artagnan have captured my heart & simultaneously opened it ip to kitch handbags.
Last but not least is another Elvi piece. Whoever thought up the ‘coatigan’ , I owe you a drink. Bright orange cosy coolness are all things i need in my wardrobe.


Poodle Clutch – Asos

Coatigan – Elvi

Shoes – Irregular choice


Watch out for outfits posts as and when i get mitts on these beauties.


Wishing And Hoping – Dusty Springfield





Twinkle, twinkle…

Today I overcame some spectacular heartburn with the aid of some sparkly boots. I’m now convinced that all manner of things may be achieved when your feet are not only warm & dry, but also just a teeny bit twinkly. I headed out with sister to engage in some party planning & ended up having a really lovely day.

So, after buying many, many balloons & a few less avocado maki we nipped out to river for some photographs. Today’s outfit was a mixture of the old & the new. I’ve gone down two sizes, so I’m now fitting into this lacy vest, which I kind of love mainly because it makes me boobs look perky. I have always been a big fan of the stretchy mini, fling in a busy pattern & I’m sold. Last, but not least is my brand new, super cosy cardigan. It’s a tiny bit starsky & hutch, but oh man is it warm.





Skirt – Primark

Vest – H&M

Cardi – Primark

Sparkly Boots – Primark



I’m all about that bass…

As I have previously mentioned I haven’t been feeling tip top of late. My creativity has been somewhat lacking for which i apologise. When you feel & look deplorable dressing up & trying to take exciting blog shots isn’t high on your list of favoured activities. However, I do really enjoy blogging and I believe it has boosted me towards my body acceptance goals, so I am determined to try harder. Even if I have to start to showcasing my pajama choices, I will be showing my looks.
One of the side effects of my ill health has been weight loss. In the past I would probably have been ecastic with this development. I have certainly done some crazy things in my previous attempts to lose weight, but alas, I am not rejoicing. I have been on the larger side for most of my adult life. I have lost significant amounts of weight on a number of occasions, but never managed to maintain a more svelte physic. I battled long and hard with my body image, in the last year or so, I had begun to feel that I was on the road to winning my own personal body war. I realised I could be fantastic and fat. The only person who was ever really holding me back was me.

This ephinay was the spark that brought this blog to life. I forced myself to be photographed, to display those images and more importantly, to be proud of them. It would not be overstating to say that I it has been a life changing discovery. I’ve grown from a person who cringed at her naked body in the mirror to one who is considering modelling naked for a feminist art project. I have embraced me; flab, scars, stretch marks, droopy boobs & all.

So, here I am, finally reaching contentment with my plus size body when it decides (without consulting me) that it will shrink. I have never lost weight before without being on a deliberate & strict diet. In my dieting days watching those pounds fall away was a joyful experience. Now it is deeply unsettling. I fear the lack of control & am obviously not enjoying the condition that is facilitating the reduction. To be honest, I am at a loss. I have no idea when this loss will stop or how i will look when it does. The truth is i am a little frightened of losing my fat identity. Shock, horror, I don’t think I want to be thin.

I realise I have failed in this post to come to any conclusion, which very much reflects how I feel at the moment. I just wanted to talk a little about what was going on with me. I suppose i also felt i needed the asert the fact that i am not consciously changing myself. It is import to me that woman can believe in body positivity. Everyone can discover how wonderful their body is. I am not turning my back on my fat self, my confidence & pride in my large, curvy form are real. Perhaps this is just an unexpected turn in the journey to self love.