Summer in the city….

Today I found myself with no commitments & pain free body. When I opened my curtains to discover a beautiful day, I abandoned my housework plans & decided to have a date with my city. There are so many amazing things about living in Glasgow not least the wide range of museums & galleries. I love the fact that all our museums are free meaning everyone can experience art, history & curiosities. Today I decided to take a wander round The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).
GOMA is housed in the most beautiful building. It’s worth a visit purely for the intricate ceilings, bold columns & delicate domed glass. Of course is also home to some wonderful art.

20140528-000450.jpg    20140528-000459.jpg    20140528-000508.jpg

At the moment the main gallery downstairs has a striking exhibit by Allksandra Domanovic called ‘Things to Come’. Her huge pieces examine the marginalised representation of woman in popular science fiction. The sculptural prints use images from films such Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus & Gravity. These films deviate from the usual female roles in cinema, namely, wife, mother or victim.


Anything with a feminist slant will always appeal to me. I also loved the scale of each piece & the use of transparent mounting. This was my first experience of Domanovic’s work & I look forward to seeing more.

Upstairs in Gallery 2 there is an exciting interactive exhibit names ATELIER PUBLIC#2. The public are invited to make their own art with the materials provided. The result is fabulous. The submissions are varied, from comedic to inspirational, autobiographical to commemorative . There is a startling array of nationalities on view, but some of the displays are undeniably Glaswegian.


20140528-000631.jpg                            20140528-000638.jpg



After my cultural sojourn I satisfied my retail needs. I toured some vintage & charity shops. Vintage is another thing that Glasgow specialises in. The city has a huge array of second hand offerings. I enjoy a good rummage through the rails. Finding something perfect is such a thrill. I used to find it difficult to uncover plus size items, but find both vintage boutiques & bog standard charity shops have lots to choose from now. I am very pleased with today’s finds.
I was flying solo today & so had no one to take my picture. Therefore I had to resort to the dreaded mirror selfie to give you peek at my new orange maxi. I am so ready for summer.



Before heading home I picked up a few naughty items, which I’m hoping will make this weekend go with bang. Roll on Friday.



Summer In the City Aztec Camera










Isn’t she pretty in pink ?…..

A combination of being rather busy & rather ill has led me to neglect my lovely blog. I finally managed to get out & about this weekend. I even indulged in a little shopping & put some slap on. So, stay tuned for a new outfit post. In the meantime I thought I would do another shoe & accessory post.
First up are these cute irregular choice kitten heels. These shoes are atypical for me due to both their style & colour. A kitten heel is not very me. They’re a little too dainty for my liking. Likewise pink is so not my colour. Having said that, these are adorable shoes. I bought them for an event I attended with my godson. That social circle was very yummy mummy heavy & I wanted to look good whilst also being able to run around with the little ones. Hence, the teeny tiny heel. These have become my important meeting shoes as the ensure I don’t fall over & the cheeky little tortoises always boost my confidence.



Next up is a fabulous gift from my little sister. She brought this gem back from Australia & I adore it. It is an actual orchid preserved in lacquer & used to create a ring. It’s stunning.

20140526-200351.jpg                   20140526-200338.jpg


And finally, what better to finish on than another pair of irregular choice. In case you hadn’t notice these are my favourite shoe brand ever. This pair combines colour & texture to great effect. The gold & purple brocade combined with the satin ribbon & gorgeous velvet inner add up to really luxurious feeling shoe. Of course the fact that they are utterly beautiful goes without saying.


20140526-200405.jpg                                   20140526-200414.jpg





Pretty In Pink Psychedelic Furs







Talking about a revolution…

Last Thursday I celebrated Fashion Revolution Day by attending my first clothes swap. The event was held at Glad Café ( next door is Glad Rags vintage shop, also worth checking out).The fashion revolution objective is to get people thinking about where their clothes come from & if the people making them are being treated ethically. They also want people to consider recycling, reusing & buying from ethical designers. All ideas I am happy to embrace.
From a plus size point of view I’d say there is probably a gap in the market in this area. Cool, ethically produced designs rarely come in larger sizes. This is a great shame, but I feel confident that we are in a period of change & this section of the fashion industry will soon catch up.
The swap itself was fun. I met some congenial bloggers & surprisingly managed to find some cute items. There were not many people of a similar size as me at the event so I didn’t have high hopes. In the end my swag included a cute casual dress & mini skirt, but the prize piece was this darling little bag. Just on the right side of cutesy & my absolute favourite colour.


So, what did I wear? I donned a bargain I picked up in a mid-season season sale that I have been dying to road test. I am all always up for a bit of leopard print especially when teemed with red. So, that is exactly what I did. I felt good in this dress, sexy & not at all self-conscious. I added my trusty pony belt to properly show off my shape & some little red flats for comfort. I think next time I wear it I’ll vamp it up with some really high red heels & a slinky red kimono. I hope to wow a certain someone.

20140501-171512.jpg        20140501-171524.jpg

Dress – Forever 21                                             Belt – Primark

Cardigan – Monsoon                                         Shoes – Primark


I adore clothes that I can feel good in. This dress has gone straight into my top ten.



Glad Café & Glad Rags are situated on Pollokshaws Rd in Glasgow’s southside.



Revolution The Beatles