This week I was mostly…

Taking it easy. I’ve been trying to write, trying to sleep and listening to these tunes.

Open up Your Door by Richard Hawley was playing in a waiting room. It’s pretty good waiting room music. The gentle jingly instruments swelling into smooth waves has a soothing effect. Hawley’s smooth easy listening, but cooler voice pleasantly washes over you. The lyrics are almost unimportant, the overall sound is the appeal.

I can’t work out where I first heard I Think I Like it When it Rains, but it immediately stuck in my brain. A little Googling later I discovered it was by Willis and promptly added it to a playlist. It gives me a Lennon, Don’t Let Down vibes. I love the hopeful melancholy. It encapsulates the feeling of one of those thinky rainy days.

If I were a fish corook (feat Olivia Barton) is the catchiest, feel good Tik Tok hit. I can’t resist the cheery message and choiry chorus. If you need a little sing a long pick me up this is the one.

I am of course loving all of Lewis Capaldi’s new releases. I am dying for the new album, How I’m Feeling Now in particular struck a chord. I respect his openness with regards to mental health and his ability to capture the experience in his music. The desperate frustration of battling yourself comes through. Anyone who has dealt with depression or anxiety will feel it when he sings,

‘I’m always stuck inside my fucking head’

I hadn’t heard of Eloise until three days ago and now Friends Who Kiss is on my repeats. I like her gentle take on the break up genre. Stripped back and bitter sweet; ‘love is not in love’.

Bronan has been helping with the resting.

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Is it cos I’m cool…

It’s the happiest of Fridays because I received one of my very favourite deliveries. It is new glasses day!

I was particularly excited for this arrival as it contained a lost love replacement. I lost my beautiful lounging leopard in a fainting disaster. I was genuinely upset to break them and even more gutted that I couldn’t find a replacement. Woe was me.

Farewell Leopard Friend

Today the mourning is over. There’s a new leopard friend on the block. Slightly different shape and with eyes that gleam. I give you the ‘Merle’.

Glasses – Where Light

Welcome home, darlings. We belong together. I purchased these (& my many others) from Where Light . I am forever extolling their virtues because they are the best. I have saved an absolute fortune on the coolest glasses. Since they do have everything & I thought I might as well have these glorious sunnies too.

Is it cos I’m cool?

Needless to say I am delighted with my new frames. If you would also like to snazz up your face you can grab a bargain with code: LHK30.*

* Affiliate code.

Double Trouble…

I’ve had some good Auntie time this week. Since my non auntie time has been frustrating and energy sapping I did sneaky little outfit repurpose.

My littlest niblings turned two this week, which blows my mind. I still call them the babies, but these little rascals are just determined to keep growing fast! Their birthday party was gorgeous. Fab decorations, adorable little ones, loads of presents and even a special vegan cupcake for me.

Gold letter Balloons spelling out two wild and a zebra balloon.

The sun was actually shining, so I wore a very cute linen dress with my fav t shirt knotted on top. The dress has pockets, always a plus and perfect for all the things little ones want are constantly handing me. T shirt is a Christmas pressie from the birthday babes and their big sister. I adore it. I will check with their Mummy where they got it from because it fits so well. I often have to cut the necks in t shirts as I don’t like how they sit, but this one is perfect.

ly is standing in her living room with one hand her hip holding a walking stick. She is wearing a blue and white stilted dress with a grey t shirt.
Dress – Primark T-Shirt- Gift

Miraculously my t shirt got through the party without a spill, sticky finger or having to be used as a hanky. Thus my spoon deprived self gave it another go for dinner with my big brother and his boys. I came bearing gifts from my recent trip ensuring my auntie score stays high. Since the sun was still shining we were able to eat outside by the restaurant’s play park. We had some good carry on and the boys were happy all round.

ly is standing with both hands on her hips. She is wearing a blue dress with grey t shirt.
Dress – ASOS

This time I teamed the tee with a blue strapless dress. Love the hem and the fit in this one. I am always amazed by how well this jersey dress keeps its shape and holds in place. It is super soft and comfortable, but when it is on I feel completely secure that it’s staying on.

At dinner I finally discover cauliflower wings that weren’t too spicy hot for me. Even my vegan mocking bro agreed they were yum. Plus I caught sight of my reflection and my butt looked great. What more could I want?

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Pure Shores…

As promised I have returned to share my holiday adventures. In a slightly topsy turvy arrangement I’m going to start with our last day.

We spent our final day cruising around the northern coast of Majorca. It was bliss. First stop was Platja del Coll Baix; a beautiful beach hidden in secluded cove. Crystal clear waters, sun on my skin and glass of rosé in hand, just perfect.

ly is wearing a blue dress and sunglasses. She is sat in boat with cliffs and ocean behind her. Her hair is blowing in the wind and she is holding a glass of rose.

Much to the delight of her boy, my Sister was extra adventurous and leaped into the sea from a height. I really wanted to get into that beautiful water, but unfortunately I didn’t think I would be able to climb back onto the boat. Luckily, watching from the top deck was pretty magical.

Snorkelling and leaping complete we lifted anchor and sailed off to investigate some caves. My pirate obsessed nephew was convinced there was pirate treasure hidden within. He was beside himself with excitement when our boat crept inside for a nosey.

We rounded the cliffs and sailed into nothing, but deep blue sea and a distant horizon. We had a little boat party followed by a snuggle as we coasted through the Med. We dropped anchor again to enjoy some lunch. With the cutest lighthouse in the foreground and waves lapping at the hull, I was in heaven.

Once back on dry land we had a delicious meal on the docks and finished the day watching the sun go down on the beach. It was the dreamiest day and I loved every second.

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