Every kind of people…

In case anyone hadn’t noticed I am Scottish. I’m also supporter of independence, an SNP voter & a big fan of Nicola Sturgeon. I’m proud of her achievements and the kind of society she fought for. I am deeply saddened that she will no longer lead us.

Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament

In the wake of her resignation I am also alarmed. Some of the candidates who have stepped into the leadership race are frankly terrifying.

Ash Regan who resigned her ministerial position in protest of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill has gone on record that she will not fight the Westminster blocks. For a person running on independence first this seems contrary. Her subsequent cosying with a intolerant indie factions like Alba confirm for me that she is does not represent the values I seek in a leader. Add to that her statements with regards to Green partnerships, which risk the loss of their support and I am certain Regan is not the one.

Kate Forbes similarly opposes gender recognition reform and has also expressed extremely troubling views. She has publicly stated that she would have voted against gay marriage & has been very open about her anti choice views. Including speaking at an anti choice event organised by Brian Souter (a prominent anti choice & anti LGBTQ+ activist). In my opinion she is also currently leaving herself a lot of room with her statements regarding buffer zones. The SNP aims to be a progressive political party who champion the rights of all. A person who clearly does not support reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights cannot be our First Minister.

What’s more wishing to exclude Kate Forbes on that basis is not an infringement of her religious freedoms. Much has been made of Forbes’ faith, her right to worship how she pleases and not be punished in public life for doing so. I call bullshit. The origin of her intolerance is irrelevant. She has every right to express her religious views and the rest of us have the right to object to them. Religion is not a bigotry get out of free card.

The truth is I want Sturgeon. I trust and respect her. Since I can’t have my first pick I think I should at least be able to have someone who is willing to uphold the rights of all. Neither Kate Forbes or Ash Regan have given me reason to believe they will do that.

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Frozen Coke…

Valentine’s Day is my Dad’s birthday, so my plans weren’t remotely romantic. However, I haven’t been properly dressed in weeks and I wanted to look nice for a wee family lunch. After much wardrobe pondering, I plucked out some old favourites.

I haven’t worn this dress in ages, I loved the swish the petticoat added. I’m been very into the double velvet of late. I think I scrubbed up pretty well even if I had to stick with cushioned comfy shoes.

ly is standing in her living room, hands on hips wearing a black petticoat, rust tights and black bra.
ly is standing in front of a floral heart wearing a burgundy velvet dress and blazer. She is holding a frozen coke and walking stick.
Dress – Pink Clove Belt – Boohoo Tights – Snag Glasses – Where Light Blazer – Monsoon

We took Dad out for lunch and then did a little toy shopping. I even managed to finagle a frozen Coke, which I haven’t had since Australia. I love it, the delicious icy goodness was my valentine.

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Charity of the Month

I am popping in from my rest break to do February’s charity of the month. Supporting disaster relief after the earthquakes in Turkey/Syria is an obvious choice. The news & images in the aftermath of the tragedy have been utterly heartbreaking.

I didn’t know where to donate, but after reading positive things about DEC my mind was made up. 20,000 people have already lost their lives and a further 17 million remain in the affected areas. They are in urgent need of food, shelter and medical aid. In the midst of winter conditions will only become more critical. If you can, please consider making a donation.

At least I’m trying…

In the latest of my body’s ridiculous tricks, I have shingles. When I’m run down I often succumb to random bonus infections. Shingles is also brought on my stress, which makes sense because January was a shit show.

I think I’ve had some lucky for once as I don’t seem to have a really severe case. The rash is painful (although not as bad as I’ve heard others describe it), but all the cold/fluey symptoms were short lived. It feels like a burn and if anything even slightly touches my skin the sensation is akin to a shock. My GP has added some pain killers to my usual lot, which are making it all manageable. They’re also making me super tired and a little spacey, which is having an effect on my creative output. I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to get back to match fitness.

ly is wearing heart shaped glasses and looking a little dazed.

I’m not here to make friends…

This week Sam Smith has hit the headlines for being sexy in a music video; a thing a million people have done before. Why the outrage? Simply because they don’t fit societal ‘norms’.

In the current climate they are an easy target. A non binary, queer, plus size person happily expressing themselves was bound to push right wing buttons. Their faux outrage is expected. Waging their culture war with no regard for the actual lives their damaging. It’s disgusting, but sadly, no surprise.

The really sickening part is the crappy takes from people I’d expect better from. The same folk who usually embrace expressions of sexuality, raunchy content & playing with gender roles have no problem shitting on Sam Smith.

The reason for the different reaction is simple; fat queer people aren’t allowed to be loudly accepting of themselves. If you don’t fit neatly into a traditionally beautiful box you’re supposed to be ashamed. No joyful self love. If you’re not fading into the background, you’re pushing an agenda.

What’s more Sam has committed the cardinal sin of telling the truth. They have been honest about how ill striving to be thin made them. Also, very clear about how right it feels to have their correct gender recognised. They’ve talked about the hate they have received for simply existing as their authentic self. No one is really worried about a pop star dancing in pasties. They’re furious that someone whose body & identity they don’t deem acceptable is living their best life.

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