Queen of my castle…

The weather was kind to us this Easter weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very good on Friday or Saturday. So, I was delighted to wake up feeling perky on Sunday morning. The plan was to visit Mum for Easter & have a little family fun. We were down two siblings (my darling older brothers), but we still managed to tease the life out of each other. Mum made us some yummy lunch, spoiled us with Easter presents, we all munched some chocolate & had a carry on with Mum’s dogs. It was a lovely day.

20140423-002751.jpg      20140423-002851.jpg

D’artagne really wants that tea.                      His beautiful Mummy, Coco.


We decided just to get Mum a wee egg this year.

On the way home my sis was seeking a cool spot for some blog photographs when I remembered that Mum’s village had a little castle ruin. I wasn’t planning to do any outfit pictures as I wasn’t looking my best, but with such a perfect location, I couldn’t resist. Whilst Lauren & I got busy striking poses, Billy had a little climb.


Excuse my big fat thumb.


The castle made a captivating backdrop. I am beginning to think I missed my calling as fashion photographer.






Dress – Asos Curve

Belt – Simply Be

Shoes – Primark

This dress has the honour of being the only item in my wardrobe that requires ironing. Which proves how much I like it as I really don’t do ironing. The colour works so well with ginger locks & with a belt to cinch my waist it gives me a rather nice shape.




Wamdue Project King of My Castle


My sister blogs at Living in a boxx where you can admire her style & my photographic skills.



oh & just for Jenna,



We’re the colours of the rainbow….

I’ve been ill all week & feeling pretty awful. My outfits have mostly consisted of jammies & those don’t make for a very exciting post. On Saturday I was feeling a little better & ventured out for a couple of hours with my wee sis. If you only know from this blog, it probably seems like Lauren is the only person I ever see. I do actually have friends and a social life. My sister just happens to be my go to photographer & as if take a lot of her pictures too she often features in my blog outings.
This week we just had a quick look in forever 21 as I am desperate to find the perfect biker jacket. I thought my prayers had been answered when I discovered my ideal biker on sale at ASOS. Frustratingly after I ordered it they emailed to say it was out of stock. The search continues.
As you have probably noticed I like colour. This dress is a firm favourite mainly because of its fabulous purple hue. It also happens to be very easy to wear and this week that was definitely a consideration. I never wear one colour when I can wear three, so I added some blue in the form of flats & vest. A splash of red rounded of the outfit.


This little guy is called Bronan & he has been taking good care of his sick mum.


Wrap me up….

I had a very busy weekend & a fairly packed week, so a little retail therapy was required to unwind. As usual, when I am out to buy, I can find nothing I really want. So after an almost failed wander around the shops (I did pick up a pair of cute blue flats) I decided to bury my disappointment in a yummy dinner. My only hurdle was convincing my darling sister to indulge in a calorie laden dinner, but turns out she didn’t take much persuading. Belly full, I returned home & had a wee look online. ASOS came to the rescue once again, with a gorgeous leather look biker jacket & cute lace skater dress on sale with 60% off. With both my shopping & food cravings satisfied I popped off to bed content.

Of course we managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot before heading home. This week we got all posey in a car park. We are so glamorous. We had an audience this week which is always amusing. I wonder what folks think we’re taking all these pictures for.


This outfit was a recycled from Sunday as I was too lazy to put anything else together. I’ve had this dress for years; I go through cycles of loving and then hating it. It is currently back in favour. I do like a wrap dress, but think you have to be a wee bit careful as they can easily look a bit mumsy. I funked it up with my most favourite leggings. They’re woolly & warm whilst also being beautiful. I don’t think I’ll get another winter out of them, which makes me very sad. If anyone has seen any similar anywhere, please let me know!


Dress – H&M

Leggings – H&M