Mellow yellow…

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my lovely friend Hayley who was visiting Scotland for a few days. I wanted to look good,which led to some serious wardrobe scouring. Buried at the back I found this dress. It’s quite old, but I’ve always rated it. However it was a very tight squeeze the last time i tried to wear it, hence it’s languishing behind the coats. My recent shrinkage meant that it now fits rather well & so, i donned it.

Leopard print in this shade of green is a dream for me. I love the button details & the sheer fabric. In winter I tend to teem it with a black vest & leggings, but as you can see from the picture this still allows a nice silhoutte. I paired my feminine floaty dress with the tough dm type boots for practical reasons & also because i like the contrast. I added the yellow batwing cardi for a pop of colour.

I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but I do like a ring with a big stone. I have quite the collection of what I refer to as faux enagagement rings. This is one of my favourites. The stone is a gorgeous unusual amber. If someone offered me it whilst down on one knee, I’d probably day yes!
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Dress – H&M
Cardigan – Primark
Ring – Gift

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  1. Love everything about this look! Dress, ring, sweater, hair! Just wish Hayley had snuck into a hot too. 🙂


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