Is it cos I’m cool…

It’s the happiest of Fridays because I received one of my very favourite deliveries. It is new glasses day!

I was particularly excited for this arrival as it contained a lost love replacement. I lost my beautiful lounging leopard in a fainting disaster. I was genuinely upset to break them and even more gutted that I couldn’t find a replacement. Woe was me.

Farewell Leopard Friend

Today the mourning is over. There’s a new leopard friend on the block. Slightly different shape and with eyes that gleam. I give you the ‘Merle’.

Glasses – Where Light

Welcome home, darlings. We belong together. I purchased these (& my many others) from Where Light . I am forever extolling their virtues because they are the best. I have saved an absolute fortune on the coolest glasses. Since they do have everything & I thought I might as well have these glorious sunnies too.

Is it cos I’m cool?

Needless to say I am delighted with my new frames. If you would also like to snazz up your face you can grab a bargain with code: LHK30.*

* Affiliate code.