Summer in the city…

A few week ago I was invited to a Hotter Shoes blogger event. I’ll be honest I didn’t know very much about Hotter & the little I did had led me to believe that it probably wouldn’t meet my shoe needs. Well, it seems I had judged them unfairly.

It is true that Hotter do have styles that cater to an older audience, but they offer a lot more besides. I was particularly taken with their more casual sandals & wedges. I love an outlandish heel, but these days they only really come out for the big occasions. Something flat and not pain inducing is more my everyday brief. Enter Hotter with their focus on comfort and fit.

Unfortunately for me a few of styles I really liked included leather, which obviously clashes with my  veggie sensibilities. Hence, I was feeling a little down cast until one  of the super Hotter staff members unearthed these cuties.


The weather took a while to co operate, but over the last week or so my wee floral beauties have hardly been off my feet. I can attest that all those bubbles in the soles really do make my feet feel cushioned delightfully cushioned. They don’t rub or pinch or harass my tootsies in any way. I suspect they’ll be getting plenty of wear this summer.


 * These shoes were gifted, but opinions are my own. 

Summer in the city….

Today I found myself with no commitments & pain free body. When I opened my curtains to discover a beautiful day, I abandoned my housework plans & decided to have a date with my city. There are so many amazing things about living in Glasgow not least the wide range of museums & galleries. I love the fact that all our museums are free meaning everyone can experience art, history & curiosities. Today I decided to take a wander round The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).
GOMA is housed in the most beautiful building. It’s worth a visit purely for the intricate ceilings, bold columns & delicate domed glass. Of course is also home to some wonderful art.

20140528-000450.jpg    20140528-000459.jpg    20140528-000508.jpg

At the moment the main gallery downstairs has a striking exhibit by Allksandra Domanovic called ‘Things to Come’. Her huge pieces examine the marginalised representation of woman in popular science fiction. The sculptural prints use images from films such Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus & Gravity. These films deviate from the usual female roles in cinema, namely, wife, mother or victim.


Anything with a feminist slant will always appeal to me. I also loved the scale of each piece & the use of transparent mounting. This was my first experience of Domanovic’s work & I look forward to seeing more.

Upstairs in Gallery 2 there is an exciting interactive exhibit names ATELIER PUBLIC#2. The public are invited to make their own art with the materials provided. The result is fabulous. The submissions are varied, from comedic to inspirational, autobiographical to commemorative . There is a startling array of nationalities on view, but some of the displays are undeniably Glaswegian.


20140528-000631.jpg                            20140528-000638.jpg



After my cultural sojourn I satisfied my retail needs. I toured some vintage & charity shops. Vintage is another thing that Glasgow specialises in. The city has a huge array of second hand offerings. I enjoy a good rummage through the rails. Finding something perfect is such a thrill. I used to find it difficult to uncover plus size items, but find both vintage boutiques & bog standard charity shops have lots to choose from now. I am very pleased with today’s finds.
I was flying solo today & so had no one to take my picture. Therefore I had to resort to the dreaded mirror selfie to give you peek at my new orange maxi. I am so ready for summer.



Before heading home I picked up a few naughty items, which I’m hoping will make this weekend go with bang. Roll on Friday.



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