Woe is me…

I had to go into hospital on Monday. I’m home now, but still feeling rubbish.  Unfortunately this means I have nothing pretty or interesting to blog about. I shall hopefully rectify that this weekend. In the mean time if you can’t live without me, I have a few pieces on The Swag Guide. There are also lots of other wonderful writers, so please do check it out.


Gown – Nhs 

My week in pictures.

The past has week has been busy, but fun. I have been writing up a storm, hosting a birthday party for a friend, baking, puppy sitting, Facetiming my girl, painting my nails  & joining the #bootyrevolution.








I have a body positive piece in The Swag Guide, I’d love it if you took a look. The Swag Guide is a scottish blogger magazine & it is fantastic.