Queen of my castle…

The weather was kind to us this Easter weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very good on Friday or Saturday. So, I was delighted to wake up feeling perky on Sunday morning. The plan was to visit Mum for Easter & have a little family fun. We were down two siblings (my darling older brothers), but we still managed to tease the life out of each other. Mum made us some yummy lunch, spoiled us with Easter presents, we all munched some chocolate & had a carry on with Mum’s dogs. It was a lovely day.

20140423-002751.jpg      20140423-002851.jpg

D’artagne really wants that tea.                      His beautiful Mummy, Coco.


We decided just to get Mum a wee egg this year.

On the way home my sis was seeking a cool spot for some blog photographs when I remembered that Mum’s village had a little castle ruin. I wasn’t planning to do any outfit pictures as I wasn’t looking my best, but with such a perfect location, I couldn’t resist. Whilst Lauren & I got busy striking poses, Billy had a little climb.


Excuse my big fat thumb.


The castle made a captivating backdrop. I am beginning to think I missed my calling as fashion photographer.






Dress – Asos Curve

Belt – Simply Be

Shoes – Primark

This dress has the honour of being the only item in my wardrobe that requires ironing. Which proves how much I like it as I really don’t do ironing. The colour works so well with ginger locks & with a belt to cinch my waist it gives me a rather nice shape.




Wamdue Project King of My Castle


My sister blogs at Living in a boxx where you can admire her style & my photographic skills.



oh & just for Jenna,



5 thoughts on “Queen of my castle…

  1. HAHA, just a ”wee egg”… your lucky Mother, that thing is ENORMOUS! Those castle ruins are beautiful, and how excellent is your outfit?! That green shirt-dress, the funky animal print belt and that unexpected pop of colour with your blue shoes… l-o-v-e!


  2. yay!! love the hair, so pretty 🙂 (i wear mine back all the time too!).
    agree with frockandroll – snazzy belt and brightly colored dress and shoes – love the look!


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