Wrap me up….

I had a very busy weekend & a fairly packed week, so a little retail therapy was required to unwind. As usual, when I am out to buy, I can find nothing I really want. So after an almost failed wander around the shops (I did pick up a pair of cute blue flats) I decided to bury my disappointment in a yummy dinner. My only hurdle was convincing my darling sister to indulge in a calorie laden dinner, but turns out she didn’t take much persuading. Belly full, I returned home & had a wee look online. ASOS came to the rescue once again, with a gorgeous leather look biker jacket & cute lace skater dress on sale with 60% off. With both my shopping & food cravings satisfied I popped off to bed content.

Of course we managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot before heading home. This week we got all posey in a car park. We are so glamorous. We had an audience this week which is always amusing. I wonder what folks think we’re taking all these pictures for.


This outfit was a recycled from Sunday as I was too lazy to put anything else together. I’ve had this dress for years; I go through cycles of loving and then hating it. It is currently back in favour. I do like a wrap dress, but think you have to be a wee bit careful as they can easily look a bit mumsy. I funked it up with my most favourite leggings. They’re woolly & warm whilst also being beautiful. I don’t think I’ll get another winter out of them, which makes me very sad. If anyone has seen any similar anywhere, please let me know!


Dress – H&M

Leggings – H&M




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  1. well, obviously we’ll need a pic of the jacket and the skater dress (what’s that??) so don’t forget! and also, i want to know what you had for dinner! 🙂


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