Talking about a revolution…

Last Thursday I celebrated Fashion Revolution Day by attending my first clothes swap. The event was held at Glad Café ( next door is Glad Rags vintage shop, also worth checking out).The fashion revolution objective is to get people thinking about where their clothes come from & if the people making them are being treated ethically. They also want people to consider recycling, reusing & buying from ethical designers. All ideas I am happy to embrace.
From a plus size point of view I’d say there is probably a gap in the market in this area. Cool, ethically produced designs rarely come in larger sizes. This is a great shame, but I feel confident that we are in a period of change & this section of the fashion industry will soon catch up.
The swap itself was fun. I met some congenial bloggers & surprisingly managed to find some cute items. There were not many people of a similar size as me at the event so I didn’t have high hopes. In the end my swag included a cute casual dress & mini skirt, but the prize piece was this darling little bag. Just on the right side of cutesy & my absolute favourite colour.


So, what did I wear? I donned a bargain I picked up in a mid-season season sale that I have been dying to road test. I am all always up for a bit of leopard print especially when teemed with red. So, that is exactly what I did. I felt good in this dress, sexy & not at all self-conscious. I added my trusty pony belt to properly show off my shape & some little red flats for comfort. I think next time I wear it I’ll vamp it up with some really high red heels & a slinky red kimono. I hope to wow a certain someone.

20140501-171512.jpg        20140501-171524.jpg

Dress – Forever 21                                             Belt – Primark

Cardigan – Monsoon                                         Shoes – Primark


I adore clothes that I can feel good in. This dress has gone straight into my top ten.



Glad Café & Glad Rags are situated on Pollokshaws Rd in Glasgow’s southside.



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  1. Aren’t clothing swaps fantastic?! I picked up some amazing pieces last time I attended one! You look superb… leopard print and red is ALWAYS a winning combination!


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