Sun is shining, the weather is sweet ….

I can hardly believe I’ve been in Glasgow this past week. The sun has had his hat on everyday & temperatures have been soaring (for Scotland). In truth it’s been a little too hot for me, but I have been rather firmly told not to complain.


Having spent the day rushing around in the heat, I was ready to cool down. Seeing a film with my sister was the perfect solution.
I downed a pint of ice water whilst waiting for Lauren to arrive & then we headed out to find a spot for photos. We settled on the ‘running clock’, I’m not sure if it has an official title, but that’s the moniker I have given it.

The weather was reflected in my outfit. I opted for this vibrant yellow pencil skirt teemed with my harmless shark vest. Both are Primark bargains. The vest is actually from men’s wear, but I found it amusing & it fits fine. I bared my legs for the first time this year & it felt really great. However I chickened out of exposing my flabby, scarred arms and donned my current favourite cardigan. It’s very light, so works well for summer.


Skirt – Primark

Vest – Primark

Cardigan – John Lewis


We saw a film called ‘devil’s knot’, which was excellent. It’s based on the true story of the Memphis 3, three teenagers who were convicted of murder in the early 90’s. The story is shocking and really makes you question the American legal system. I’d highly recommend seeing it.


Sun is shining Bob Marley










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