We’re going to need a bigger boat…..

I may not be American, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to rock July 4th weekend. Obviously the best place to be is Amity island; or at least Troon’s version of it. 

On Saturday night I went to my first ever drive in movie. As it was located right by the sea, Jaws was the clear film choice. Before the movie we snapped some pics in the mini Amity that ItIsOn had created. Then my night was made by taking a ride on an old fashion Ferris wheel. I love Ferris wheels. This one was extra special because of the amazing sea view. I’ll be honest I was as excited as a little kid. 

The movie itself was great. I jumped & screamed as much as the first time I saw it. Scariest moment was definitely when my sis accidentally hit my window button & I nearly pee’d my pants. I honestly thought a shark was coming in the window!  Hanging at the drive in was a great Saturday night. 

As is my want I had a little fun with my Jaws themed outfit. I totally love this Quint’s shark fishing t-shirt & went a little sharky on my nails too. 

T-Shirt – Gift

Skirt – Forever21

Duster – New Look

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