Get it hot…

Every once in a while I find that dream garment that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I bloody love that feeling. I’m even more enamoured with it when the item in question is a surprise win, which is absolutely the case with this beauty.

ly h Kerr

I was perusing the boohoo sale section when I spotted this slinky number & slung it in my basket. I didn’t hold out much hope for it, the fabric looked like it might cling & had the potential to be too much on the shiny side. However, I have been after a button up dress and at £6 it’s always worth the chance. I’m so delighted I clicked buy.

ly h Kerr, stereo

Red tights & leopard print

Dress – Boohoo

Tights – Asos Curve

Flats – Primark

I am besotted with dress. Everything about it is perfect. Awesome wintery green & deliciously soft fabric. The split is just high enough to be sexy without making it tricky not to flash. I’d say size up if you have substantial boobs, but otherwise fits well. It’s such a simple piece, but I felt super hot it in. All hail my new bargain bin sex kitten ensemble.

Diamonds & rust…

On Tuesday I took a little trip over to Glasgow’s best thrift store. As usual they had treasures galore. I came away with some excellent finds both old & brand new.

The first 2nd hand piece I picked out was this gorgeous rust coloured metallic skirt. Autumnal tones are my favourite & the weather does seem to be on the turn. Perfect time to don a shimmery earth tone. I’m sure I’ll get around to wearing this one as intended, but yesterday I needed something strapless to pair with a skater skirt. I couldn’t find any of my black tube tops, so I repurposed my new skirt. I rather liked the look. Unfortunately the top looked a little more sheer when photographed than it did in person. You’ll just have to take my word that you couldn’t see my whole bra in real life.

ly h Kerr

Velvet skirt – Forever21

Skirt as top – Glad Rags

Shrug – Primark

I also treated myself to this beauty from ThingsbyRosana. Glad Rags showcase a selection of local designers for limited periods. All of whom make beautiful things. I’ve actually hankered after one of her brooches since I spotted them on Instagram. I was incredibly pleased to get my hands on this new set of boobs.


I matched my eye make up to my outfit with coppery shades & was all set for date night at the cinema.It was the Toyboy’s turn to pick, so we saw Ant Man & The Wasp. He loved it, I was there for ice blast & reclining chair. Paul Rudd is cute & funny, the usual super hero capers ensue with added shrinking of almost everything. If you’re a Marvel fan I expect you’ll enjoy it as much as the TB did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t rush to see it.

ly h Kerr ice blast

I ain’t buying it…

I was planning a wish list post when it dawned on me that I had already procured most of the things I had been wishing for. It has been an accidentally/couldn’t help myself spendy few weeks. So, instead I thought I’d knock up a list of the over hyped things that I just don’t want. The things blogs & insta are packed with that I just can’t get excited about. 

I am totally used to being the odd one out, but I’m thinking there must be even one other person out there as puzzled as I am. 

1. Highlighter for yourVulva 

The Perfect V is a company who make beauty products for your vulva. Their line includes, yes, highligter. Listen to me, your genitals do not need make up. Nor does your vulva require exfoliation rejuvenating serums or specialised cleansers. Your bits look exactly as the should. Please do not succumb to this internalised misogyny. Shades of V is a £35 yeast infection. Your lily does not need gilded. 

2. Urban Decay Heat Palette

I’ve never been a massive make up girl. Don’t get me wrong I love my slap, but I don’t wear it everyday. In fact, most days I wear none at all. So, new make up releases do not generally excite me. However, the hype on this palette was massive. Everyone was talking about it before it was released & i’m still seeing exhilarated blogs, weeks later. Here’s the thing, it is a collection of warm neutral eyeshadows.  You know, like almost every other palette you see these days. Is there a make up wearing person left on earth who does not already have some shimmery brown eyeshadow? Maybe it’s me, but I don’t get it & I definitely don’t want. 

3. Matcha 

It is in everything & I don’t like it. The tea tastes yuck so I don’t want it in my cakes, ice cream, toothpaste, lip balm or bloody cocktails. Bye matcha. 

4. Bralettes

Suddenly no one wears a bra.  It’s all slivers of lace & whispers of sexy fabric. All prettier than most clothes & encasing beautiful pert breast.  Ok, truth, I only hate bralettes because my tits damn near need the finnieston crane to hold them up. They do sell bralettes for big boobs, but they are LIES & I am BITTER. 

5. Mac, Avon, Nars…

and every other brand that caved to China’s brutal animal testing policies. In case you aren’t aware, china requires products sold there to be tested on animals. For some big name cosmetic companies that means going back on their word to ditch animal testing. Profit is more important than ethics for some brands. As far as I’m concerned cruelty is for cunts. 

You can find cruelty free alternatives here.

6. Gin

I have a pathological hatred of the stuff & it’s everywhere. A couple of years ago folk cottoned onto how cheap & easy it is to make gin. Then PR people went mental. Now I have to wade through swamps of gin everytime I want a drink. I know it’s being marketed as coolest tipple, but I’m not buying it. 

And in a moment he’ll want to see your underwear….

I’ve always been into pretty lingerie. I think it started as a little girl, my Mum only ever wore beautiful underwear and when it came time for me to start wearing bras, she bought me gorgeous matching sets. I honestly believe I feel better knowing that under my clothes (be they funky or drab) I’m adorned with stunning undies.

Unfortunately delightful bras for big women are not always easy to come by. I am big busted & big in general, which makes locating the kind of bras I want tricky. The fact that I rarely buy bras without matching knickers is an added complication. I have found that most high street shops don’t do my size (40G/H) at all. The few mainstream places that do, for instance M&S, offer only a very small selection & some of those are usually granny bras. Even the more specialised places, such as Bravissimo don’t always accommodate my back size. This seems a fatal flaw to me as let’s face it, a lot of women with larger cup sizes are also substantial elsewhere too. This feedback was not well received by Bravissimo. They were keen to point out that they were not (god forbid) a plus size retailer . The stigma lives on.
Anyway, I thought I’d share some great brands that do cater to the plus size market. They all offer a wider range of styles & sizes. Which crucially are eye catching & alluring.

Goddess offers a great line in bold, comfortable, everyday bras. I don’t subscribe to white cotton daytime bra regime. I like colour & interest, goddess deliver on these points. Of course I also want to be well supported, another big tick. These bras also give me an awesome shape. I always feel confident wearing Goddess bras. I find these come up a little neat & order up a back size. They’re not cheap, but not super expensive either; at the £30 -£45 mark I consider them well worth the money. This is one of my favourites.


Sizes up to 46K
Another favourite of mine for day to day wear is Bestform. They are slightly more conservative, but still have flair.This bra has a houndstooth & polka dot pattern going on. My boobs do not budge in these bras & also sit very high. For a chick whose tits have lost the fight with gravity the allusion of perkiness is wonderful. Bestform are around the £30, which considering they last forever is very good value.

Sizes 32D – 42G

Panache is not a brand I ever thought I would buy as I consider many of their styles to be a bit dated & frumpy. However, I recently discovered their Superbra range & I love them. Great structure & aesthetics. I like this style so much I have bought it in a variety of colours. The great thing about these bras is they are not cut too high & they are sheer. I often despair at the limitations placed on what I can wear with bras due to how full the cup is. Whilst not quite balcony, these allow for low cut vest, dresses etc making them perfect for work or a big night out. The sheer fabric with embroidered design feels very sexy & adds a little oomph to my day or night. Priced £25 – £30.

Sizes from 28DD – 40GG

I’ll finish up with a recent discovery, Pour Moi. This company have some sizzling hot lingerie. They’ve developed a sophisticated take on sexy and I love it. I adore anything that will make me boobs look irresistible & these bras do just that. Beautifully made with interesting details I cannot recommend this brand enough. They also offer the very rare plus size balcony bra. Give yourself (or your partner) a treat and indulge in something from their range. At £16 – £30 they wont break the bank. I promise you won’t regret it.

Sizes from 30D – 40FF

Underwear Pulp