The tartan around her did flow…

I’m Scottish so in my mind tartan is great & goes with everything. I will not be dissuaded from this thought process. Which, is exactly why I bought these boots & I will not apologise for them.

I spent Saturday with my sister & the cutest little monkey there ever was. It was a wet dreary day, so I went for cosy with splashes of random colour. As I said, tartan goes with everything so why waste time trying to actually match.

ly h Kerr

Tartan boots

Skirt – Primark

Shirt – Simply Be

Hat – Primark

Boots – Primark

Despite the rain & hat combo turning my hair into a hedge, we had a really good day. A spot of lunch, snoop around the hidden lane and then we checked out the refurb at my local library. It has been transformed from 60’s dinge to retro cool (that staircase didn’t look so awesome when I was 14) and the kid’s section is fantastic. Our wee monkey enjoyed a bit of story time & a lot of exploring. Whilst his Mama & I secreted little messages amongst the books.

Cardinals library Story time #projectpostit

The only thing better than tartan is libraries, so I win at Saturday.

Pink, it’s not even a question….

It feels like forever since I have done an outfit post. I keep wearing my funkiest looks when I have no photographer. Anyway, here’s a cosy wee number I put together for a walk with my sister & Seb. 

This skirt & t shirt are bargains from a recent haul. The ‘sorry, not sorry’ print amuses me & woolly skirts keep my bum warm; what’s not to love?

I also discovered that if you feel a bit dodgy pink lipstick will go a long way in perking you up. This bright hue is from Nyx, whose products I am fast falling for.  

T-Shirt – Primark

Skirt – Primark

I actually can’t stop wearing this skirt. It’s just so perfect for this time of year. So, here’s a sneaky wee selfie of another look. 

How cute am I?

Cold as ice…..

In the quiet time between xmas & new year my sister & I took advantage of a crisp, bright day to take Seb for a nice long walk. We of course also found time for a spot of outfit photography. It was a lovely day, but still very cold, hence I wrapped up warm in my ‘sleeping bag’ coat. It’s not the most glamorous outerwear, but it’s oh so cosy.


This wool skater dress is also perfect for a winter walk. It’s delightfully comfortable plus lovely & warm. The autumnal/wintery colour palettes have long been my favourites, but any yellow tones have been particularly taking my fancy of late. This mustard colour gives an additional impression of warmth. It’s a top cold weather dress.


Dress – Asos Curve
Coat –

I was in a crazy rush getting ready that day & just flung my hair up. Without knowing how, I constructed lovely voluminous bun. Of course all attempts to recreate it have failed miserably.



Here is the main man creeping into shot. He seems determined to get in every photograph he’s not supposed to be in.


Wrap me up….

I had a very busy weekend & a fairly packed week, so a little retail therapy was required to unwind. As usual, when I am out to buy, I can find nothing I really want. So after an almost failed wander around the shops (I did pick up a pair of cute blue flats) I decided to bury my disappointment in a yummy dinner. My only hurdle was convincing my darling sister to indulge in a calorie laden dinner, but turns out she didn’t take much persuading. Belly full, I returned home & had a wee look online. ASOS came to the rescue once again, with a gorgeous leather look biker jacket & cute lace skater dress on sale with 60% off. With both my shopping & food cravings satisfied I popped off to bed content.

Of course we managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot before heading home. This week we got all posey in a car park. We are so glamorous. We had an audience this week which is always amusing. I wonder what folks think we’re taking all these pictures for.



This outfit was a recycled from Sunday as I was too lazy to put anything else together. I’ve had this dress for years; I go through cycles of loving and then hating it. It is currently back in favour. I do like a wrap dress, but think you have to be a wee bit careful as they can easily look a bit mumsy. I funked it up with my most favourite leggings. They’re woolly & warm whilst also being beautiful. I don’t think I’ll get another winter out of them, which makes me very sad. If anyone has seen any similar anywhere, please let me know!


Dress – H&M

Leggings – H&M


Sia Breathe Me