Everything I touch is turning to gold….

I haven’t shared my nails with you in a while, so I thought I’d knock up quick post with some recent designs.

The first was for Lauren’s Art Deco 30th. I ran out of time & spoons for the design I was planning, but my gold nail tape came to the rescue. Tape is much quicker & easier than hand painting straight lines. I still think the more time consuming technique would have looked better, though. What do you think?


Next up, my current look. My lovely friend Pamela gave my Chanel’s classic Rouge Noir at xmas. This polish is divine & does not require much embellishment. I kept it simple with some copper additions.


4 thoughts on “Everything I touch is turning to gold….

    1. Spoon theory. It’s a simple way to explain the experience of chronic illness. So, how well you feel each day is measured in spoons. On a good day you may gave ten spoons, on a bad perhaps three. Then every activity is measured in spoons. Get washed and dress could be two spoons, going to shops three spoons etc. each day is a balancing act if what most needs to be done against how many spoons you have available. Make sense?


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