All within the smallest treasures…

I am led to believe that little treats can make a big difference when you feel rotten. This is a theory I am more than willing to try out. So, this week I indugled myself with some pretty bits and pieces. I wouldn’t say I’m cured, but my purchases have brought mini bursts of pleasure, which can not be a bad thing.
First up was a classic impluse buy. I was queing up in New Look to buy some christmas gifts & there it was looking all vibrant. I’ve actually wanted a matt lipstick for a while. Ever since I first clapped eyes on Lime Crimes Velveteen, matt has been on my list. Unfortunately I keep finding conflicting information on their animal ethics & so can’t in good conscience buy their rich beautiful lippy. Anyway, turns out I don’t need an premium brand as this New Look offering is really excellent & definitely cruelty free. It’s a rich slightly orangey red, which is deliciously smooth. A bargain that feels & looks great, I’m sold.

Next up is another super bargain. A delightful tartan scarf from Primark. Perhaps the cheapness of these items is actually enhancing their charm. There is something to be said for finding something you love for pocket change. Scarfs are a big part of my winter wardobe, I’m all for an extra layer of cosiness and interest. Tartan has been sadly missing from my neck attire. I am very pleased to have recitified that.

My final treasure is a Lush massage bar. Until recently I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as massage bar, but now I am their number one fan. It’s basically a block of solid body lotion. It melts as you rub it onto your skin & has textured elements to help massage the muscles. I was capitvated by the Wiccy muscle magic. It’s a heady blend of cinnamon, peppermint, cocoa & shea butter with knobbly aduki beans for extra massage power. The smell is incredible. Although it doesn’t appear on the ingredients list, the overwhelming aroma is aniseed & it’s bliss. I have scar tissue, which seems to dry out really easily, this bar is quickly replenishing the moisture in my skin. Lush claim that the peppermint essential oils will soothe tired & achey muscles, i was dubious about this. Well colour me totally wrong, my achey limbs showed significant improvement after a good rub down. Wiccy magic indeed.

New Look Sunset Red



Each of these treats cost less than £5.

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