Green garden…

Last night was my weekly sushi & shopping excursion with my sister. I snapped up a very simple black maxi, which will be perfect for so many things. My sister was a wee it more daring with a gorgeous multi coloured bikini. With the shopping part of our ritual taken care of it was time to stuff our faces. With a brand new & very tempting menu we certainly did.


No evening is complete without blog photos, so we got snapping. I’ve had this dress forever, but I never tire of it. The colours & print are just so me. I teemed it with some new tights. I loved them in my bedroom mirror, however seeing these pictures I am having second thoughts. What do you think?



Dress – H&M

Tights – Osiris


6 thoughts on “Green garden…

  1. sounds like a lovely day! love the dress….tights are too much for me, but neon isn’t my style :). maybe an olive green to go with that dress, and save the tights for another look? (again tho, i actually have no style, so what the fuck do i know!)


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