On Sunday I embarked on a wee visit to see my Mum, which descended into a mad wild goose chase. Much frustration & losing of tempers later we rescued the day with lingerie shopping & cake. 

It goes without saying that we also found time for a little blog shoot. I was tempted out into the wind by this bed of pretty flowers. I’ve become a bit of a wild flower devotee. Not only do I love their, well, wild beauty, the are a life source for our bees. If you weren’t aware, our bees are in danger & we really need them. 90% of vegetable crops depend on bee pollination. Those fuzzy bellied little guys are very useful. So, if you have a place to do so, plant some wild flowers. 

Anyway, after my own little detour, I will get back on point. I threw together a couple of items that were meant to see me through the a long hot summer, but actually require leggings & cardi to be wearable. In Scotland we work with what we’ve got. 

I’m glad this sheer shirt works with layers as I love it. It’s nice to know I can get some wear out of it as the seasons change. 

Shirt – Forever21

Leggings – M&S

Vest – Primark

Cardi – H&M


5 thoughts on “Wildflowers….

  1. I love that sheer shirt on you, and your vest is almost a match with the grass! I’ve seen so many lovely long shirts popping up now that the Autumn seasons are coming in, might have to grab one myself. X


  2. Love the colour of the vest. Love the wild flowers really pretty and I too am a big Bee fan and worry about the effects of pesticides on them a lot


  3. your hair is down! yay! 🙂 matches the carefree breeziness of the wildflower setting nicely too :).


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