She wore blue velvet…

I took a little time out of being spoiled on Monday & snapped some pics. It was a bright sunny day & I was sporting a bright sunny outfit. So, click click.


Skirt – Forever21

Leggings – Etsy

Vest – Primark

This outfit was a bit of a rush job as I faffed around all morning & then had to jump in the shower with only 40 minutes left to get ready. I have to say though, I am quite pleased with the results. My all time favourite skirt, paired with comfy vests & galaxy leggings totally works.


10 thoughts on “She wore blue velvet…

  1. I love velvet – there is something very christmasy about it!! Shame forever 21 is too far away for me to visit regularly. I do like how this outfit has been put together though ❤

    Gisforgingers xx


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