Reggie Kray, do you know my name….

You will no doubt have noticed that I haven’t been doing much galavanting of late. I have been feeling pretty awful recently, hence limited activities, but one thing I can enjoy is the cinema. My sister & I have unlimited cards, which we try get the most out of. Last week our movie of choice was Legend. 

I knew a bit about the Kray’s, but I still found their story very sad. I am not excusing their violence, but I can’t help wondering if better psychiatric care could have changed their path. Tom Hardy is excellent on both roles & I highly recommend this film. 

My stomach was really swollen last week & I struggled to find an outfit that was comfortable or attractive. Then I had a brainwave, volume!  I slipped my fullest petticoat under a favourite skater dress & I was quite pleased with the result. 

Dress – Asos Curve

Petticoat – Damien & Lillith

Leggings – Etsy

Last week I also got around to changing my nose ring. Getting the new one in was a trial, but it’s so pretty that it was worth it. 

Septum ring – Suck my Plug 

2 thoughts on “Reggie Kray, do you know my name….

  1. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait to see this film. Tom hardey is just lush, and a good actor. Thanks for the advice on a bloated stomach, never thought of hiding me flab that way. And where did you get the nose ring, been dying to try it. Maybe now is the time. Great read. Xxx Fran xxX


    1. Thank you. Nose ring is from Suck my Plug, you can find them on etsy. Piercing itself was a pretty easy one. Just a wee sharp pain when the needle actually goes through. Just remember not bang your nose whilst it’s healing as that really hurts!


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