This goes out to all the women…

Lemonade. I know, everyone is talking, writing & I suppose singing about it. I must confess to not having heard (or seen) the complete album. I’ve sampled some highlights and whilst not a member of the beyhive, I’m excited to hear more. I have no issue with Beyonce’s music (her fur wearing is another matter). I applaud the increased political input in her work. Her support of black & feminist issues is on point. Her artistic viewpoint is increasingly progressive & radical. Which is why, some of her fans retrograde behaviour of late has been particularly hard to take. 

Oh, I know fans are fanatical these days. Bey is queen & they worship her. That’s all good, but the reaction to Lemonade & hints that Jay Z may have cheated are down right backwards. 

Rachel Roy’s ‘ Good hair, don’t care’ Instagram post ignited smouldering rumours that she was Mr Carter’s indiscretion. The beyhive immediately launched a social media witch hunt. Bee & lemon emoticons appeared en mass on her various pictures & posts. Along with the taunting images came more serious abuse, which inevitably led to her making her accounts private. Today’s tabloids decided that it was in fact Rita Ora would had done the dirty with Beyonce’s spouse. She too was lavished with the same treatment. 

Perhaps you think those involved in infidelity deserve what they get. Maybe you feel betraying Bey is worthy of a good hounding, but wait, what about Jay Z? If he did in fact step outside his marriage surely he’s where the hive loyal should turn their scathing tongues? He’s the one who made vows & a child with Yonce. Why does the arse who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants get a pass?

The answer, as is so often the case, the patriarchy. Woman are still being conned into feeling that other chicks are the enemy. Our old boy’s club society wants it that way. It’s much better for the status quo if smart, talented women view each other as the competition. Stop letting yourself be suckered by the tired old trope that cheating men can’t help themselves, but cheating women are whores. It’s such a dangerous road to go down. It ultimately leads us to rape apology & the dismissal of female sexual agency. That’s not what we should be teaching our daughters. The bottom line is the Carter’s marital woes are not my business, but women tearing each other down is. 

Cheating is cruel. I’m not loving anyone who participates. But, ladies, come on. Stop beating on your own whilst letting men off easy. We’re better than this.  

4 thoughts on “This goes out to all the women…

  1. I was thinking the same thing, just yesterday. ( I was without internet for a few days and had to catch up first. :D) It is so sad to see what these fans are doing. In general, I think that fans are great but I feel like today, with all the social media etc., it’s all getting out of hand. I admit that I’m also a little bit over Beyonce. I mean, damn she’s awesome but the hype just annoys me. Everyone celebrates her as a queen, while she sells tickets for prices that can barely be paid and not once has she ever advised her fans to calm down and stop tearing other people down. She’s probably just sitting somewhere, smiling to herself, because she doesn’t have to do one damn thing to promote her music.

    It kills me how all these people are acting. Jay-Z is still the hero because he’s married to Bey and it’s like if she forgave him, so will the fans. That’s bullshit because it’s their marriage and nobody else’s. Beyonce throws some things out there, true or not, and lets others do her dirty work and feminism immediately develops backwards. Not really what a self-proclaimed feminist should so.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. 😀 Good article and as you can probably tell, I completely agree.

    xx Hailey – //


  2. Yeah I’m with you on this, it’s not for anyone but Beyonce to decide what to do, nor for anyone else to pass judgement on. I haven’t listened to Lemonade yet, not really a pop music kinda gal, but I plan to spend some time listening to it because of how political it is.


  3. agreed!! i don’t know her music or much care about her or her husband, but i’ve certainly heard about all this hate for the “other woman” (even Rachel RAY, who was obviously not involved!), and i’ve heard nothing about Jay Z!!


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