Fill me up Buttercup…

Reader, I have been lax. I have been getting used to my new medication (Pregabalin), which is no easy feat. As a result I have done very little worth blogging about. So, I thought I’d share my wee sideline. 

I have been making flower crowns for about a year. Not prolificly, just when the mood takes me. I started because I couldn’t find a crown that suited the picture I had in my head. I found I enjoyed it & made a few more for myself. Then I discovered the real fun; I made a crown for my niece. I love making flower crowns for children. I can add all sorts of trinkets & surprises. I can tailor then to each little person’s favourite things & I get to crack open the glitter. 

Without further ado, a few of my creations.

When my wooden mask isn’t in the mood to model, my darling Bronan steps in.


Tomorrow I plan to get my culture on. I will try my hardest to dress up nice & take interesting pictures. 

4 thoughts on “Fill me up Buttercup…

  1. I started making flower crowns for the exact same reason! That, and the really overly full ones I liked were so expensive and worked out so much cheaper to make! Hope you feel well soon x


  2. so beautiful! if i’m correct, i think olive will love the bunnies and butterfly!! 🙂 (now her mom needs a matching one 🙂 )


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