Sweet like chocolate…

Hello, I know I’ve been bad. Not a single post in over a week. In my defence I am working on something incredibly exciting, which will be revealed very soon. For now, I have some tasty treats for you. 

Since biting the bullet & going full vegan I have obviously had to forego chocolate. I am happy to do that to avoid the abuse of dairy farming, but let’s face it, we all need a bit of chocolate from time to time. So, I have been buying up all the vegan chocolate I can find & testing them all. It’s been a tough job, but sometimes a blogger has get her hands dirty. 

First up is Cleo’s peanut butter cups. These are delicious. They taste exactly like Reece’s, but you can enjoy them with a clear conscious. Just don’t buy too many because they’re seriously moreish. 

Vegan Town £2.o5
If you’re looking for more of a classic then dairy free buttons are perfect. They take a little longer to melt in the mouth, but are otherwise rather nice. These are just the right size for a wee sneaky chocolate fix. 

Tesco 60p

Plamil’s Dairy Free is not the best vegan choc. It’s a little chalky & quite bitter. The mint choc bar (not pictured) is definitely the tastiest of the bunch. Not awful, but not yummy either. 

Holland & Barrett £1.19

Vivani White Nougat Crisp is a big yes. It’s smooth & rich & has just the right amount of crisp. Comparison wise, it’s a lot like a Bueno. Honestly, buy this, you’ll thank me next time your sweet tooth kicks in. 

Vegan Town 99p
I love some bite in my chocolate & the best bite is nice whole hazelnut. i choc Super Nut is a bigger bar & perfect for cosy night in. The chocolate is smooth & the nuts are delicious. Worth 2 quid of any vegans money. 

Vegan Store £1.99

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