Day after day…

If, like me you read a lot of blogs, you might wonder from time to time what bloggers look like in their down time. I follow lots of woman who look utterly amazing in their blog shoots. Whilst I’m usually a more low key chick, I thought I’d give you a wee glimpse at a day to day me.

My eyes are closed in about 80% of pictures taken of me. I have to pose for a startling amount before I actually look alive and awake.

Who you gonna call? probably not me as i’m creeped out by the supernatural.

This is my ‘it’s too hot for my ginger self and I may well melt entirely’ look.

German beer wench/pretzel lover.

Bronan often appears not because he takes an interest in what I wear, but because that’s his favourite snoozing spot.

Waterfall cardi proving it’s versatility as part of super comfy outfits.

5 thoughts on “Day after day…

  1. love the Ghostbusters look! (ha, you tell i’m drawn to the neutrals).
    what’s the yellow tee shirt say?


  2. I love seeing a played down look on a day to day basis – I love Snapchat for that very reason, I follow all my fave bloggers on there and I’ve seen literally all of them either hung over or with no make up on or whatever. It’s nice to remember that we’re all human after all! I love the picture of you with the graffiti wings though!

    Lottie xx


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