Polish my nails real bright…

Some folks need their hair done or lippie on or maybe even just a big smile to feel like they’re killing it. For me it’s kick arse nails. I don’t feel myself unless my nails are sporting a dapper polish. Finger nails may be a strange place to get a confidence boost, but c’est la vie. My mum always has perfect nails, my sister’s are exquisite; who am I to let the side down?

I always do my own nails. On the rare occassion that I’ve had them done professionally I’ve felt like I could do just as good a job (if not better). Thus I am diy manicure enthusiast. Even nail art is a lot easier than most people think. If you  invest in the right brushes & have a little patience, most folk can master it. My secret weapon is nail drying spray. Instantly drying each coat or detail saves so much time & frustrating smudges. I am often asked where I find the time to do my nails & this is one of the few times that insomnia works to my advantage. I almost always do my nails in the middle of night. There has to be some perk to living life perpetually tired & sore. This, my friends is it…

8 thoughts on “Polish my nails real bright…

  1. Aw man, those rainbows!

    I’m rubbish at nail art but you’re probably right in that it boils down to a lack of patience. Even if I’m just painting my nails plain one hand ends up looking like a riot. But, as self-care rituals go, the stillness that it requires probably makes it one of the best.

    I always admire your nails from afar ❤

    Lis / last year’s girl x


  2. I feel very much the same about manicures done professionally! I always seem to end up with them chipping right away! I did my own for my wedding for the same reason. I don’t have your skills though, yours are so impressive!


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